September 2023

2nd Inter-Dojo UMC Karate championship 2023

2nd Inter-Dojo karate Championship 2023 was organized by United Martial Arts & Fitness club on 3rd September 2023 at Loyola Composite PU college, B.G Road, Bangalore. Our students participated in the event and have won laurels.

S.Harshavardhan of class X secured 3rd place under Kumite category and Kata category. 

Preetham V Yadav of class X has secured second place under Kumite category and  Kata category. 

Achyuth S Balaji bagged the third place under Kata Category.

Teachers’ Day Celebration

The annual observance of Teachers’ Day was held with great enthusiasm and fervour on 5th September 2023. The entire school socialized in a vibrant atmosphere to salute the commendable roles played by the teachers.

Preparation for the event started a week prior under the aegis of the student organizing committee with support from school administrators. The whole school was adorned with multicolored banners, balloons, messages of gratitude for the teachers, and which gave a look of jubilation and festivity.

The day’s activities commenced with a special assembly programme acknowledging the teachers’ hard work, patience, and dedication. This led to an atmosphere of respect and admiration. Students from class I to X did  everything to make their teachers feel special.

Following this, students of class X presented various cultural programmes, exhibiting their talents and skills. The programmes included energetic dance performances, soulful songs and instrumental music, trivia for teachers.  All programmes were planned to highlight the teachers’ selfless contribution, which got many rounds of applause from the audience.


Who has eaten by stealing butter, playing the flute made dance everyone, it’s time to celebrate his birthday.-

At RV Public school Krishna janmashtami was celebrated by the staff and students of pre primary on Friday, 8th September 2023. The day started with the assembly during which the significance of the festival was told to the children . Later in the classrooms children sang songs and danced to the lovely tunes dedicated to lord Krishna. The students were dressed up as lord Krishna and Radha. The premise was decorated beautifully and the spirit of festivity was enhanced with jhankis depicting the life history of lord Krishna. The UKG and LKG students did a pot cutout decorating using glitters. The students of the nursery class did a rangoli activity. Children enjoyed doing the group activity.

Felicitation of kalasiri participants

Manan  of class IV had participated in a Children Chess Competition conducted by the Killpauk Chess Centre, Chennai and secured fourth place.


RV KALASIRI – an yearly inter-school competition was hosted by RV Public School on 2nd September 2023 in the school  premises. The event was planned for the students of classes V to X to enable the students celebrate scholastic excellence and competence through spirited, fair competition and to help them conquer stage fright and embrace confidence to face challenges. A total of 15 schools participated in the various events conducted. As the students of the host school, the students of RV public school participated just for the spirit of participation not for position. To facilitate the participation spirit in the students, all the students who had participated in the various events of Kalasiri were awarded certificates of appreciation.


Echoing this festive spirit of Ganesh Chathurthi, the students of the pre-primary wing celebrated the festival with zeal on 19th September 2023. The story of lord Ganesha was shown on the smart board to the students. Students of the Upper Kindergarten, enjoyed doing a colouring activity of lord Ganesha’s face. Students of the Lower Kindergarten did a  sponge dabbing activity of lord Ganesha. The students of Nursery made a Ganesha mask.

Janmashtami – scouts and guides

The students of Scout wing distributed Tulsi plants to the teachers on the occasion of Shree Krishna Janmasthami. 

SUPW  Activity – class X- Clay Art

The students of class X were engaged in a clay art workshop in the school on 16th September 2023 as a part of their SUPW activity. The students created different wall hangings using air dry clay and painted it in vibrant silver, gold and bronze colours. The activity brought out the creative side of the students.   

SUPW  Activity – classes II A and II B- Vegetable Market

The students of classes II A and II B set up a vegetable market in the school grounds on 25th September 2023 as a part of their SUPW activity. They took up the roles of vendors, customers and cashiers. Students learnt how to market their products, manage money and buy vegetables.

Bronze Medal – Inter-School Throw ball Tournament

Darshan R, Yashas S , Vaibhav M, Nitin J, Yashas H and Syed Ayman of class VI, Bharat Kumar, Vedant Singh, Chiranth N and Jai Sathya Narayana K of class VII and Neeraj b munavalli of class VIII and Rajesh S of class IX participated in the inter-school throwball tournament  conducted by Pratham International school on 23rd  September 2023 and secured the third place. 

Our girls team also participated enthusiastically.

Trip to AGRO TIE – for the students of Classes VII and VIII

R.V. Public School had organized a trip to ‘Agro TIE’, a Practical Training Centre on 23rd of September for students of classes VII and VIII.

This Training Centre provided hands on training to the students through their demonstration greenhouse, open field cultivation and a highly skilled team of experts. It was an exciting trip which provided a break from city life and allowed the students to experience nature’s beauty.

Grandparents’ Day Celebrations

“The perfect blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and loads of unconditional love” – Grandparents! 

For the most special friends of their grandchildren, we, at R V Public School celebrated Grandparents Day on 30th September 2023. The day started with a role play by the teachers depicting the life journey of man from infancy to adulthood followed by some fun filled activities and dance performances by the pre-primary teachers. Grandparents actively participated in the activities that were planned for them which included dances, exercises and brain gym and laughter time that made all the grandparents relive their childhood. The day ended with love, laughter, and the grandparents carried back home some best memories with their grandchildren. 

Yellow Day Celebrations

“Shades of yellow stimulate children with happiness, energy and optimism.” 

The motive of celebrating yellow colour was to make children aware of the shades of yellow colour. Yellow Day was celebrated on 27th September 2023, with the students of Nursery, LKG and UKG. The day marked with cheerful children attired in different hues and tints of yellow outfits and sparkling with optimism, enlightenment and happiness. Children were not only beautifully dressed in their favourite yellow dresses but also brought yellow objects to make it a complete “Yellow Day”. The teachers were beaming with pride when the confident little commentators described the yellow object with flare and ease. Teachers also explained about different shades of yellow, such as mustard yellow, lemon yellow, dark yellow and light yellow.

RVPS Month Cards 2023-03

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