November 2023

Kannada Rajyotsava

Karnataka Rajyotsava, also known as Karnataka State Day, is celebrated annually on 1st November in the Indian state of Karnataka. It commemorates the merger in 1956 of the Kannada-speaking regions of southwestern India under the States Reorganisation Act to form the state. It is marked by the announcement and presentation of the honours list for Rajyotsava Awards by the government of Karnataka, the hoisting of the Karnataka flag with an address from the chief minister and governor of Karnataka, as well as community festivals, orchestra, Kannada book releases, and concerts.

Students, with the help of their Kannada teachers had put up a colourful cultural show which included dance, drama and songs. Students also enlightened their fellow mates  about famous kannada poets and writers.

Airport role play

The dramatic play center provides opportunity for students to collaborate, engage in learning, and build language skills through conversations. Children have the opportunity to role-play real life experiences by taking on many roles in imaginative play. Therefore to enhance their skills, upper kindergarten students on 8th November 2023 were engaged in the utilization of the space as an airport, encouraging students to take roles as airport workers, pilots, flight attendants or passengers and explore experience concerning these roles. Students were buying tickets, checking luggage, experiencing the waiting area, and boarding flights.

 Class III – SUPW Activity 

Students of class III were engaged  in  a SUPW Activity the students made paper bunting using origami sheets.

Visit to Prani Pet Sanctuary – classes 3&4 on 7th November 2023.

Students of classes III and IV were taken on an educational tour to the Prani Pet sanctuary on 7th November. The students got to interact with 700+ rescued animals and birds across 40+ species. This was a pure educational space meant for kids to learn and interact with animals. During the visit, the students were provided  an interactive session with all the animals.


Faariha Ahmed and  Pravardhini S of class VIII, Aaisha Jaram Aajari of class V, Deshikaa K of class VII, Vaibhavi P of class VI, Chathur A U of class IV, Sreshta Pogula and Adrija Ghorai of class II participated in the national level  painting contest  conducted by the Kalabharati Child Art Development Institute, Pune and  were awarded Kalagaurav Awards for their active participation in the competition. Ms.Kalpa, the art teacher was awarded for her best contribution.

 Show and Tell Competition

To improve communication and descriptive skill in children,  “Show and Tell Competition”  was organized for the students of Lower Kindergarten on 7th November Tuesday .

Children described and spoke a few lines on the object of their choice. Our tiny tots participated in the  competition with zeal and enthusiasm as they came up with various interesting object like national symbols, toys, newspaper, electronic gadgets, fruits,  animals and so on  . This activity there was not only an enhancement in the vocabulary of the student, but also acted as a boost of confidence also. seen.


The  Golden Girl of RV Public School – Prasnanjeya Atibudhi – Gymnastics 

Prasnanjeya Atibudhi of class IX has made all of us proud by winning Silver medal in Acrobatics Mixed Pair in Gymnastics in the 37th National Games held at Goa.

She bagged 1 Gold medal in Table Vault, 1 Bronze medal in balancing beam in CISCE School National Games held at Mumbai.

She participated in Dasara CM Cup held at Mysore and won 5 Golds in Aerobics Individual, Aerobics Mixed Pair, Aerobics Group, Acrobatics Mixed Pair and Artistic Team Championship.  She also bagged 1 silver medal in Aerobics Trio and 1 Bronze medal in Uneven Bars.

Story telling

 Story telling Competition was conducted on 10th November 2023 for the students of Upper Kindergarten. They narrated the stories with props voice modulation and great confidence. Children were expressive and eager to share their favourite stories with their friends and teachers their smile and happiness made the event a grand success.

Prize distribution

Bibi Zainab of class VI participated in the Sampoorn Inter-school  drawing competition 2023-24 and won the third prize.

India spelling bee

Lekith B of RV Public School participated in India Cube Challenge 2023 held on 25-26 November 2023 and was awarded the ACE CUBER award for his excellent performance in the event.

Samarth U Nandagudi of class VI was awarded II position in the art and craft event for his excellent performance in National Talent hunt – NTH 2023

Reshu N  participated in Under 12, Gymnastics Floor & Balancing Beam conducted on 21st &22 November 2023 at TOTS n TEENS won a Gold medal

Swimming her way to Glory.

Vanshika Balaji of class III, had participated in 13th Treamis Inter-school Aquatic Championship conducted on 15th November 2023 and won laurels for herself and accolade for the school.  She won the first place in group 5 girls 25m backstroke event. She finished first in group 5 – 25m freestyle event and   also won the second place in group 5 girls 25m breaststroke event.

18th Regional Prodigy Plus Competition

Vibha P of our school had participated in the 18th Regional Prodigy Plus Competition  a Regional Abacus & Mental Arithmetic  Competition, Karnatak 2023 held on 5th November 2023 at Nandi Links, Bangalore and was awarded performance award for coming as a 3rd Runner. 


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