Think room day was celebrated on 7th January 2023. Preparations were done by preparing colourful charts and the corridors were decorated. Think room Day was a vibrant celebration where children dressed up in different attires according to their topics in the Upper Kindergarten Class. The students of the  Lower Kindergarten were given the topics: Farm Animals, Wild Animals, Aquatic Animals, Flowers and Toys of India. Students spoke about the topics to the parents and the parents questioned the students. 

Children of the Upper Kindergarten spoke about different festivals like Ganesha, Sankranti, Ramzan and Christmas. They spoke about the importance of the festivals, narrated stories related to the festival, recited poems, and showcased how people of each faith prayed. Students also recited Shlokas. Children were dressed up according to the theme of the festivals. Children invited parents  to make modaka with clay. Children distributed the mixture of till, jaggery, dal to everyone.

The students also spoke about the importance of healthy food and  why junk food should to be avoided. They  recited rhymes on healthy food. They prepared salad and sandwiches.

Children performed exercise and yoga and spoke about its importance . Children invited parents to participate in yoga and exercise. Children  exhibited different folk   dances from India . Kolata from Karnataka,Garbha from Gujarat, Karnataka folk dance, Bengali dance, koli dance of Maharashtra, Punjabi folk dance. 

The students of Pre-nursery were given the topics: Animals, Transport, Parts of the body, Flowers and fine-motorskills. The children who were chosen for the flower topic opened a flower shop and gave flowers to the parents. Children recited rhymes on all the topics given to them. 

It was a great opportunity for all the children to exhibit their talent and to improve their communication skills. 


Republic Day is one of India’s significant national celebrations celebrated with extraordinary pride and energy all through the nation.

The day was celebrated in R.V. Public School with great enthusiasm. Dr.Aruna Shyam  M senior Advocate, was the chief guest who graced the occasion. Our respected Principal Mr.Lakshmi ma’am welcomed the gatherings. Our chief guest Dr Aruna Shyam M gave a motivational speech. The National Flag was unfurled with great zeal. There were programmes like patriotic songs and displays which kindled the spirit of patriotism. Sweets were distributed to all.

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