October Month Activities

Educational trip – classes 5 A,B&C

18th October 2022

Vishveshvaraiya Industrial and Technological Museum

As a part of experiential learning, the students of class V visited the Vishveshvaraiya Industrial and Technological Museum on 18th October 2022. The students saw the working models of the concepts they are learning, which gave them an insight of the concepts and the practical use of them.

An Educational Trip to K K High School (Varthur)

Students of 7th and 8th were taken to K K High School in Varthur on 19th October 2022.

K K High School is an institution which was established in 1978 to impart quality education and cater to the needs of Varthur which in 1978 was a small village with no English medium schools. It is a state board school where literary and cultural activities are blended along with academic career. A strong emphasis is laid on discipline and life skills as well.

Our students were taken around the school campus by the volunteers of K K High School. Here our students learnt about gardening, they saw different kinds of plants and climbers. They learnt about rain water harvesting and many more things.

Visit to Cubbon Park

The students of Pre-nursery visited Cubbon park on 20th October 2022 as a part of an educational trip. Children enjoyed the walk on the mud. Children enjoyed the smell of the wet soil, appreciated how nature has fragrance and the coolness around the trees. Children played games like tug of war, Ring – a –ring –a roses, walking on the track. In the bus, they sang rhymes and songs. Children learnt how to keep the public property clean by not throwing leftover eatables or wrappers.

  Deepavali Celebration

Deepavali, the festival of lights was celebrated at RV public school by the students of the preprimary classes on 21st October 2022. The teachers  explained students about the importance of  the festival and safety measures to be followed while bursting fire crackers.

The students OF LKG made paper diyas.  Children lit diyas in front of the Ganesha idol. Paper lanterns were given to the students of Pre-nursery and UKG  as a take away.

As a part of the Damodar project, volunteers from ISKCON addressed the students on the importance of diwali and helped students to light 1000 diyas in school.

  Blue Day Celebration –Nursery

28th October 2022

Blue colour day was celebrated on 28th October 2022 by the students of Pre-primary .Blue is a cool calming colour that shows creativity and intelligence. The dress code of the day was blue and  all the children and teachers dressed up in different hues of blue .To make the activity more inclusive ,children brought different objects like toys  and decorative items. LKG children enjoyed the thumb paint activity, Pre-nursery children did fish on paper plate and the UKG children made paper  boat as take away.


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