About RV Public School

At RV, we understand that all children have their own unique aptitudes and talents. We believe that a child’s capabilities extend beyond a mere report card, and into other extra-curricular spheres as well. Our mission is to bring the best out of their innate talents, while helping them think, learn, and act in ways that equip them to grapple with the real world.

Our academic track record has always been our forte. We believe that the emphasis on modern teaching methodologies, coupled with  emphasis on imparting traditional Indian values, has proved extremely effective.

Set in a spacious two-acre campus, the school offers a peaceful and positive environment that will foster the child’s natural desire to learn and be curious. The school believes in creating well-balanced individuals by encouraging them to excel in the curriculum, while promoting all round growth through sports, music, art and other pursuits. We believe these are essential to the holistic development of a child.